About us


Our motto is “Let your confidence shine...” Angel B. Face is a online store that is all about feeling confident and allowing our customers to fall in love with everything that they are. 

CEO & Founder Angel B., is a young entrepreneur who has always had a passion for anything beauty related. In 2016, she went to esthetic school to begin a career dedicated to beautifying, maintaining, and improving the skin of people all around the world. For years she has practiced different beauty methods and hacks to perfect her craft as well as having a clear understanding of the beauty industry. 

With the knowledge she has gained from being an esthetician and her love for mink eyelashes, she decided to launch Angel B. Face natural skin care and lash line. We hope that you all enjoy our products and gems that we will provide to you all. Our goal is to to help everyone believe that beauty and glamour is about being comfortable in your own skin. 


  Angel B. Face :)